Prompts to help with 6-month reporting

We’ve created the below prompts to help you structure your 6-month reports.

Please note: You will not be assessed on these questions specifically and you are not required to respond to every question, but the information you provide will help us assess your performance against our criteria of Quality, Strategic Alignment to CNZ Strategies, Financial Health and Organisational Health and to gauge the success of our investment into the arts infrastructure of Aotearoa. 

You can read more about our assessment criteria here.


  1. How has the last six months been for your organisation?  What has gone well?  What has been a struggle?  What are you most proud of?


  1. Did the activities you completed in the last six months match what was approved for 2022?  If there was a change, please tell us what changed and why.
  2. How did your organisation assess the quality of your work in the last six months?
  3. Did the activity meet your quality measures?  You can also upload examples of your evaluation to the Assessment tab (e.g. surveys, artist feedback, critical reviews etc).

Alignment to CNZ's Strategies:

  1. How did your organisation deliver to your contracted Investment Feature Outcome(s) in the last six months?  These can be found in Schedule 1, Section 6.1 of your Kahikatea or Tōtara Agreement.
  2. What did your organisation do to recognise and support the diverse cultures of New Zealand and/or promote diversity in your arts practice and engagement with audiences?
  3. How did your organisation support the role of Māori as tangata whenua during the reporting period?
  4. How does your organisation integrate and reflect mātauranga Māori in your work?
  5. What did your organisation do to:
    1. Advance ngā toi Māori practice development?
    2. Increase public engagement with ngā toi Māori?
    3. Work with others to co-create an ecosytem that supports ngā toi Māori?
    4. Develop sector support for ngā toi Māori and mātauranga Māori?
  6. How does your organisation integrate and reflect Kaupapa Pasifika in your work?
  7. What did your organisation do to:
    1. Support Pasifika artists and arts practitioners to develop their practice and deliver outstanding work?
    2. Help lead and grow Pacific arts in Aotearoa?
    3. Contribute to an innovative and networked Pacific arts environment?
    4. Make meaningful connections across Aotearoa, Oceania and globally to ensure Pacific arts are further enriched?
  8. How did your organisation contribute to arts sector capability and development during the reporting period?

Financial health:

  1. Looking at your statement of financial performance, were there any significant (+/-10%) variances in income or expenditure from what you projected?  If so, tell us what caused them.
  2. Looking at your statement of financial position, were there any significant (+/-10%) variances?  If so, tell us what caused them.
  3. Does your organisation have a reserves policy?  If so, please summarise the policy or upload it to the attachments tab. f you’ve already provided this to CNZ please let us know.
  4. Do you anticipate any significant variances to your end-of-year results? Tell us more.

Organisational health:

  1. Tell us about your current organisational and governance structures.  Have there been any significant changes during the reporting period (structure or personnel?).  You can upload a current organisation chart to the Attachments tab of your report.
  2. Has your organisation developed or updated any policies or strategies? You can also upload these to the Attachments tab of your report.

Looking forward:

  1. How is the rest of the year looking for your organisation?  What are you looking forward to?  What are you worried about?
  2. If you reported a surplus in 2021 because you were unable to deliver CNZ funded activity due to COVID-19, how are you utilizing these funds in 2022?
  3. Is there anything else you think we should know?