Copy your work to a new application

If you are working on an application in the Portal and the funding round closes before you submit it, you will still be able to access your draft application under 'My Un-Submitted Applications'.

If you decide to apply for the same project to a different funding round (eg. the next Arts Grants round) you need to create a new application, but you can copy parts of your draft application to paste into your new application if you think it will save you time.

There are a few different ways for you to do this. Read the tips below to decide what works best for you.


  1. You can open the Portal in two different internet windows or tabs.
    This will let you copy from your draft application in one tab or window and paste into your new application in the other.

  2. If you are not sure how to open more than one internet window or tab on your computer you may decide to copy parts of your draft application and paste them into a Word document first before creating your new application to paste them into.
    This will save you time navigating back and forth between your applications in the Portal.

  3. You can open your draft application and click 'PRINT' to create a PDF that you can copy and paste parts of your application from. 
    This option works best to copy and paste single lines of text because the PDF creates line breaks at the end of each row.
    If you use this option to copy and paste multiple lines of text you can remove the line breaks from your new application by clicking backspace.

  4. When you no longer want to keep your draft application you can delete it from your Application Dashboard by clicking X.